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Our Team

Symposium is the brainchild of three young educators with a passion for improving Egypt’s schools. Having each stumbled upon the industry largely accidentally they found fulfillment in the work they were able to do and the people that they were able to interact with. Read on to find out more about each of them.


Sharif Mansour – Co-Founder and COO


A Texas-born Egyptian, Sharif enjoyed a dizzying international education in Pakistan, Malta, Egypt and the US.  After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Sharif moved back to Cairo in 2001 to begin his career as an educator where he has taught more subjects than any sane teacher should. He spent 9 years at the Modern Education School teaching social studies, serving as Head of the Social Studies department and as the Director of Student Affairs. Currently you can find him chasing students around the corridors of Global Paradigm School where he is not only a founding member of the school, but serves as Head of the Social Studies department and is in charge of the School’s behavioral student support center. Sharif is a proud sci-fi/fantasy geek who is still in denial about his artistic talents.


Hatim Eltayeb – Co-Founder and CDO


A Sudanese national born in Kuwait, Hatim was raised in Oman before moving to Cairo. During college Hatim traded the Nile of the ‘City Victorious’ for the somewhat less ancient banks of the ‘Kremlin on the Charles’. At Harvard, Hatim completed a Bachelor’s degree in Government with a secondary concentration in Political and Moral Philosophy. With his shiny new degree in hand Hatim traveled to Johannesburg South Africa to join the African Leadership Academy as it welcomed its second class of young leaders. At ALA Hatim was a proud member of a stalwart African Studies faculty – guiding students from 35 different African countries through a journey of continental self-discovery. He also spent 2 years as a residential hall-master and was responsible for coordinating the termly Seminal Readings program. In 2012 Hatim moved back to Cairo to help found Symposium. Hatim enjoys good books, good films, ultimate frisbee and board games.


Khaled Sallam – Co-Founder and CEO


Khaled graduated from the American University in Cairo with a bachelor in Economics; he worked in a variety of industries before settling in the education field where he found his true calling. Khaled spent some time on the steering committee of the prestigious Seeds of Peace organization where he worked with international think-tanks to resolve conflicts in hot zones around the world. He now heads the MUN activity program at MES (Modern Education School) where he works with students to start a dialogue on international relations. Khaled also holds a faculty position at MES where he teaches Film, Psychology and Economics in the American division and Business Studies in the British division. Khaled is a strong supporter of clean energy initiatives and is currently contributing to the development of a self-sustaining perma-culture community in the south of Egypt.