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If you are here looking for the Spring 2015  SAT Course sign-up for your school, click the appropriate link below to get started! If you are not enrolled in any of these schools, join our off campus course in New Cairo or Maadi by clicking on one of the two last links below.


American International School in Egypt – Main Campus


American International School in Egypt – West Campus


El Alsson


Cairo American College


Hayah International Academy


Misr American College


Off Campus – New Cairo


Off campus – Heliopolis (International Education Center)


Early in the morning on the first Saturday of almost every month in the academic year, students all over the world set aside almost 5 hours of their time to confront the SAT. Many of these students come to the test armed with many hours of prior experience and focused, directed practice. Others are caught completely unawares by the idiosyncrasies of the test. For long enough, the only option Egyptian students have had has been to make do with the meager offerings of existing private tutoring solutions. Now, there is sympoSAT.



sympoSAT is a cutting edge test-preparation program designed specifically for the Egyptian student. Our program makes use of top-notch tutors, contextualized resource and testing materials as well as a unique proprietary software package.

The program is available to all private schools in Egypt. Schools can elect to make the program available to a full year-group or cohort of students on a year-long schedule. Typically though, our courses are run once-off on a test-by-test basis.

How is this program any different from other tutoring options?


-We know what it is like to take the test – we’ve been there!

All of our tutors come from backgrounds that required them to prepare for and sit the SAT here in Egypt. We believe this gives our tutors an edge over many of their peers since they are intimately acquainted with the particularities of the test.

-We have a commitment to helping you work through as many practice hours as you can.

No tool in the student’s arsenal is more helpful in SAT preparation than realistic practice. Each of our programs puts a premium on helping students build the focus, speed and endurance necessary for doing well on the SAT. At the same time we expect from our students a commitment to meeting the full course hour requirements.

-All of your practice tests will be followed by a detailed test report – unique in Egypt!

Each time one of our student’s takes a test they receive a detailed testing report that does not only tell them how they performed overall but helps them (and their tutors) isolate their strengths and weaknesses so that they can do better next time. This software package is exclusive to sympoSAT in Egypt.

-We believe in a proper classroom, not huge lecture halls packed to the brim.

While we value the dynamism and energy of a healthy classroom environment we at sympoSAT absolutely reject the idea of cramming 40 students into a single classroom. We learn best when we have enough time and space to think for ourselves and ask our own questions while also benefiting from the ideas of others – our class sizes reflect this balance.

-We won’t be making up ridiculous rules and unfounded advice – this is the real deal.

No, the answer to number 16 on section 6 is not always C. That is silly. Our strategies, tips and tricks follow logical methods and mirror the best practices of globally recognized preparation techniques.

Read more about our start-studded tutoring team here!

If you have any specific questions about your needs as a school or as an individual student, please do not hesitate to contact us!