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Our Tutors

sympoSAT prides itself on recruiting and training the best tutors around. Take a minute to read about our current star-studded team of educators:


Hatim Eltayeb


Hatim is a self-avowed Cairene who took the SAT and completed high school here in Egypt. Hatim left Egypt for Harvard where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Government with a secondary concentration in Philosophy. After 4 years at college in the United States he moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where he took up a teaching fellowship at the African Leadership Academy. As part of his teaching responsibilities at ALA Hatim helped to deliver a comprehensive SAT preparation program provided by a leading American test prep program. In his last year at the academy Hatim helped to prepare a graduating class that went on to matriculate at some of the finest academic institutions in the United States. Collectively, the class was awarded 14$ million in financial aid commitments over the next 4 years. Hatim views himself as something of a verbal reasoning specialist and commits himself to helping students overcome an unreasonable aversion to the intricacies of the Critical Reasoning sections on the SAT.



Adham Kalila


Adham is an Egyptian national born in Canada. He was was raised in Cairo except for several years in Toronto. Adham attended high school in Egypt at the International School of Choueifat where he sat the SAT as well as the IG’s. He returned to his place of birth to get a higher education in Civil Engineering. He earned a bachelor’s degree with distinction from McGill University, one of Canada’s oldest institutions for learning. Adham dabbled in engineering design work but quickly returned to his old passion of teaching when he took a position teaching English in a subsidized program at a public university in Cairo. He has been tutoring at school and assisting teachers at university ever since he knew he could. Adham thinks grammar is fun and enjoys good books, good movies and just enough outdoor activities to balance all the indoor activities.



Esther Fitts


Esther Fitts, from Los Angeles, California, moved to Cairo two years ago to complete her undergraduate education at The American University in Cairo. As a Political Science student, Esther has participated in political campaigns in the United States to promote wider access to healthcare and has spent time lecturing on the political situation in Egypt to American students. However, she has had a passion for teaching from an early age and plans to pursue a satisfying career in the classroom. Esther initiated a private tutoring business in Los Angeles during her earlier years of college and has been tutoring ever since. As a recent college graduate, she is pursuing her passion continuing her work in education. She also enjoys music and playing the piano as well as hikes with her dog while she visits home in Los Angeles.



Mohammad Abou-EL-Ezz


Mohammad Abou-EL-Ezz (Ezz) is a native Cairene and seasonal Sahelite who attended pre-school in Milwaukee, USA before transferring to the International School of Choueifat-Cairo where he would remain for his entire secondary school career. Following his high school graduation, Ezz matriculated at the University of Western Ontario, where he double majored in Economics and Psychology. A three month summer internship at an investment bank caused Ezz to become disillusioned with the financial sector and to decide to attend law school. Ezz has taken both the SAT and the LSAT and has attained scores surpassing the 90th percentiles of both. Ezz’s special interests include philosophy, books of the epic fantasy genre (e.g.Game of Thrones) and sorbet.