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Here at Symposium our first commitment is to improving education and education outcomes. In order to start achieving this outcome it was imperative for us to start working directly with the people who matter most – the teachers. And so we give you:

Learn. Teach. Inspire.

TeTra is a new and unique Arabic language professional development service aiming to provide Arabic language teachers in international schools with specially designed professional development for Arabic language teachers. Entirely in Arabic, our courses are developed with the explicit purpose of helping to provide AL teachers with necessary and effective teaching methods and strategies enabling them to gradually become active members of their respective learning communities.

At TeTra we understand that AL teachers are products of an outdated educational system that provides little or no quality training or professional development opportunities for teachers joining the field.  Many AL teachers are resistant to change and are rarely offered much motivation or opportunity to change their outdated methods and techniques.

Further adding to AL teacher’s lack of motivation is the fact that many students AL teachers teach, approach AL subjects with the frustrating pass/fail attitude.  And most of these students, expecting uninspiring and ineffective AL teachers in their schools, rely mostly on private lessons to meet their academic needs.

We understand that most international schools are hard pressed to find the necessary time to translate their own professional development workshops into Arabic, and once the school year kicks off, find it difficult to follow up with their AL staff.

At TeTra we recognize that providing successful professional development with qualified and motivated staff can be quite a challenge in its own right: from choosing the right content, to finding the right time and making sure that the PD you are offering is used, not once, but that it becomes a regular part of each teacher’s arsenal of dynamic and effective teaching strategies.

That’s exactly the service TeTra seeks to provide for your school. We want to sit down with school administrators to learn about the school’s short and long term PD needs and goals. Working together, we want to develop the most suitable and effective PD approach for your AL staff.

The TeTra team has already developed a group of foundational course offerings designed to provide AL teachers with the basic knowledge, methods and strategies needed to help close the professional gap between themselves and their English speaking counterparts.  While these course offerings may be a welcome complimentary PD program for some schools, other schools may have specific PD goals to meet and at Tetra we want to accommodate your school’s PD needs as much as possible. That is why Tetra offers course customization to suite your school’s PD program, tell us what you want and we will design a course around your PD needs.