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Meet The Trainers

Dr. Dahlia Fouad

Dr. Dahlia, (or, more affectionately, Dr. D) is a seasoned educator and instructor. Over the past 30 years Dr. Dahlia has worked in education in many different capacities. As a teacher, an administrator, trainer and curriculum designer she has worked at highschools and universities across Egypt.  After being granted the PCTEFLA from AUC, Dr D. went on to teach ESP for Adults at the AUC. She then went on to acquire an MA in TEFL followed by a PhD in Education from the American University in London (Thesis Title: Thanaweya Amma, IGCSE, and American Diploma in Egypt.) Additionally, she was granted the CITA International Teaching Gold Certificate. In the mean time, she was chose by the American Embassy in Egypt to attend the ACCESS Teacher Development Online Program (ATDOP) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Best Practices in the University of Oregon. In March 2012, she was selected to represent Egypt in the International Visitor Leadership Program in the USA. Currently Dr. D is a teacher trainer at AUC, vice principal at a leading Egyptian private school and also a trainer at Al Azhar’s program for teaching English for religious purposes. She joins the Symposium team as head instructor tasked with designing and delivering a new standard of professional development for Cairo’s arabic-speaking educators. She is committed to helping teachers unlock their true pedagogical potential.

Mr. Ahmed Keshk

Ahmed was born in Saudi Arabia but came back to his homeland Egypt at the age of 8, graduated from the German University in Cairo with a double major in “Strategic Management” and “Operations and Production”. For a long time he had a passion for business and had the dream to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, but when coming to apply it seemed that he was wrong and discovered a new passion for teaching. He is now teaching Economics, Accounting and Character Building in Global Paradigm School. He is still willing to become one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, but a social one.